A Look Into Nepal

Summer of 2014 James and I spent two months in Nepal. We spent our time exploring Kathmandu, and trekking throughout the Himalayan mountains. This video, which was recorded on my little brothers flip cam, is a small glimpse into our time there. God is pretty dang good. Switch the quality to 720 for best results.

Language Barriers

We heard the same thing on repeat as we prepared for our trip: how are you going to share if you dont know the language? To which we would have replied with something along the lines of “We’ll figure it out.” The honest truth is we never really did. Even when people spoke English we … More Language Barriers

Take Your Breath Away

Some landscapes are so awe inspiring they cannot help but take your breath away. Magnificent peaks, towering waterfalls and a scale grander than any other mountain range in the world make the Himalayas a prime candidate for such an experience. The altitude helps as well. We made it folks. By the grace of God we … More Take Your Breath Away

And Now: We Trek

Star Trek: Into Darkness stole my preferred title, so I’m a little bitter, but let me explain why it works so well. 1. Star: we are going with an All-Star trek duo, both our guides have a heart for evangelism and are Tibetan. The reason that’s important is because “Tibetans don’t let people die” which … More And Now: We Trek

Kathmandu: Part 2

Warning: this is a long post. Jet lag has a way of making you as tired as possible and allowing you to have the smallest amount of sleep possible. Our first full day in Kathmandu we wake up at 5 am, force ourselves back to bed and get up at 7:30. We continued our journey … More Kathmandu: Part 2