For Whose Glory?

As I write, create and publish content on the internet I find myself more often then not drowning in the anxiety of views. I care deeply about whether or not my content is being viewed. I look down on myself when numbers are lower than I’d like and I question at times if its worth … More For Whose Glory?


A few days ago I sat in a room with 6 other men and one asked a really simple question: Do you find yourself in awe of Jesus daily? The rest of us tilted our heads and thought really hard. My answer? No not really. If I’m being perfectly honest I can identify specific moments … More Awe

What Do You Want?

Lately I’ve been more and more convinced that the elements of great stories are the elements of great lives. Story has started to become a lens for my life. God is a master story teller. He created story and mainly communicates to us through it.   So am I living out a good one? Would someone watch … More What Do You Want?