A Foundation In Relationship

J. Oswald Sanders once said we are only as intimate with God as we want to be. I shudder at the thought, because my relationship with God suddenly becomes more than just Him revealing himself to me, but also me seeking him. I often flee from that kind of responsibility because, honestly, I have a love affair with the world.

I believe I have better things to do than spend time with God. I become so enticed by sleep, sports, super heros, etc that I only find time for God when its convenient, or when he overwhelmingly reveals himself to me. I need to change that.

Two years ago in Nepal I asked a missionary what his secret was. How did he stay faithful amidst over a decade and a half in Nepal and China? He gave such simple advice, “let the first thing you do in the morning be spending time with the Lord. Read his word, pray and make him your foundation.” Its been two years and I still haven’t figured this out.

Maybe you are like me and sometimes you don’t know where to begin. I’d like to invite you alongside me and my church (damn your grammar) to read through scripture each day. Resonate Church has created a calendar of daily scripture for our church to read through each day to develop a rhythm of meeting with God. You can find that calendar, along with a breakdown of how we can hear from God and respond when reading his word, here. 

Heading up to Easter we read through the Gospels as a church. Today we began reading the book of acts, and tomorrow I invite you to join me in chapter 2. Lets seek the Lord together and learn what it looks like to make him the foundation of our day.


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